Sophia House Addition & Renovation

Cornell University's Sophia House remodeled by Upscale Remodeling

Reimagined College Dorm Living

Addition & Whole House Remodel

Basement Access Point
Bathroom Remodeling
Custom Cabinetry
Custom Millwork
Interior Design
Kitchen Remodeling

Welcome to a reimagined college dorm, where the heartbeat of student life meets the harmony of thoughtful design and detailed remodeling. We worked with Stream Collaborative to embark on this unique and large-scale project. The client needed to create a space that not only catered to the needs of an ever-growing student population but also elevated their living experience.

The kitchen, the heart of communal living, yearned for a makeover. Stream Collaborative managed to preserve the character of the space, while thoughtfully addressing all client needs. We broke barriers (literally), actualizing their design plans by removing walls to enhance flow, introduced additional storage, and a cozy sit-down bench area for collective gatherings.

Driven by the demand for additional housing and communal spaces, an unused garage was turned into a two-story addition that not only increased housing capacity but also introduced full baths on each floor. Downstairs, ADA requirements were addressed with the addition of a fully accessible bathroom area. Respectful of the home’s architectural heritage, original design elements were integrated, elevating the overall aesthetic with a fresh and modern color palette.

The once under-utilized spaces now stand as a testament to innovation and functionality. With Stream’s design approach and our remodeling expertise not only met the diverse needs of the client but also breathed new life into the dorm, offering students an organized and aesthetically pleasing haven to unwind and thrive.

Sophia House in Ithaca NY before its remodel and addition
Cornell University's Sophia House remodeled by Upscale Remodeling

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